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FAMILYSTICKERZ to order your custom car family sticker! Use for mugs, car windows, laptops phones tablets and more! Outdoor Durable!

Family Stick Figure Decals
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family sticker on car glass

Family Stickers are a great new way of expressing your family pride. We have 2 styles of Family Stickers. You can get the popular one color

-Stick Figure Style Version-


-The Full Color Version-


ZOMBIE and Monster Family Stickers!

...or order one of each style. You can cut the members apart and stick them anywhere you choose or apply it as one piece. No ugly background, just the Family Stickers figures themselves. The family sticker goes on the outside of the window, or body of a vehicle. Most commonly chosen is a family sticker set with the height of the largest family person that starts at about 4.5 inches tall. The rest of the family members get smaller as they go down the family tree. You can note special size needs in the age/comments box.
Create your own family sticker now with many family member designs to choose from. Go ahead...Give it a try, its FUN & EASY!

Family Car Sticker Example
  • No Hassle Ordering!
  • No Boring Ordering Forms to fill out!
  • Super EASY to use Website!
  • 100's of Stick Figure Members!
  • 1000's of combinations!
  • 2 different version styles: One color diecut, or a full color version!
  • LARGEST selection of
    COLORS anywhere!
  • Grandparents, Dogs, cats, animals, extras too!
  • Names or not, it's your choice!
  • Includes Sample proof to make sure we get your order correct.
  • Makes a GREAT GIFT!!!
  • Be the envy of your neighbors!
  • GREAT Pricing!




See the: dadDads | momMoms | boyBoys | girlGirls | babyBabies | grampaGrandparents | dogPets | ...Extras?

...also try the full color version here!

family decal comparison chart
Which Style Family Sticker do you want...?


"The Original"
Stick Figure Family Style Sticker choose your custom family stick figure type 1
"The coolest, most affordable, cleanest looking, high quality family sticker available!"

"The NEW!"
Full Color Family Sticker
or choose this cool stick figure style
"Awesome, One of a kind look you can't get anywhere else...I love it!"

How to begin?

let's go and create your sticker now! let's go and create your sticker now!

How Many Stick Figure Styles Available

Currently ( 778 ) different stick figure Members.

Currently ( 778 ) different family members and different color style combinations and possibilities for each.

Super Easy to Order

No boring ordering forms. Fun, fast, and easy!

Piece of cake!

Easy to apply

Yes. See our feedback section for what others have to say. This VIDEO makes it super easy.

Yes. See our the VIDEO all about it.
With this style the decals come separate so you have to manually align each.

Comes as one decal or many.

This comes as one decal. You can cut it apart and apply the family members where you want to or apply as one piece. The final result is the same.

The members, names, and header all come as separate decals on occasion. See this video for help lining up your decals as you apply.

Outdoor Durable*

Yes. I have seen it last 5 years! High quality vinyl thats rated at 5 years.*

Oh Yeah. Unlike stickers printed with ink, these are resin printed full color decals that last. They are the only printed decals rated up to 5 years outdoor durable.*

Applied to outside of a surface or glass.

The decals are applied to the outside.

The decals are applied to the outside only.

Color options

Get the decal in one color of any color. Special colors cost a little extra.

The color family member's color can be changed upon request. The names and header comes in any of our regular die cut vinyl colors.

Comes with an emailed sample proof

Yes. We send an emailed sample proof of the Family Decals design to your email usually within an hour after order (during normal business hours)

Yes. We send an emailed sample proof of the design to your email usually within an hour after order (during normal business hours)


No extra charge for any size between 3.5 - 5.5 inches. Just let me know you want the size changed when you approve your emailed sample proof.

Standard size is about 4.5 inches for the dad (or largest member)

You can choose a size before adding you creation to cart. Size can be from 3.5 - 6 inches for the largest member. Price calculated automatically when you select a size.


  • 1 Family Member = $5.99
  • 2 Family Members = $9.99
  • 3 Family Members = $11.99
  • 4 Family Members = $13.99
  • 5 Family Members = $14.99
  • 6 Family Members = $15.99

  • Names $.05 per letter
  • Header $.10 per letter

*Prices include any regular color. Special colors are extra.

Your total price will be calculated automatically by the program. So design it and have fun!

  • Members cost from $2.50 to $5 depending on size you choose for the set.
    Ordering only 1-3 members costs a little extra.

  • Names $.05 per letter
  • Header $.10 per letter
  • Custom color changes very little extra. (calcuted automatically by program)

Your total price will be calculated automatically by the program. So design it and have fun!

Time to process

Once you approve your emailed sample the order is usually made and shipped the same or next day.

Once you approve your emailed sample the order is usually made and shipped within 2 days.

Choose and go!

stick figure style click to start

Order Now!
Create it Now!

color family sticker click to start

Order Now!
Create it now!


*Outdoor durability may vary.


Family Decals Family Stickers

A few examples of some family stickers that can be made here!

Niel Holding Our Family Car Sticker

Want to learn a little more about what Vinyl Stickers actually are? Here's a detailed description of what you get when you order from

Each family decal is tideously "weeded" out by hand for a product you can't get from a production line. The family sticker looks more unique than printed bumper sticker style decals.

stick figure applied glass

Also Apply Your Family Stickers to:

  • Car Windows
  • The body or paint of a vehicle
  • A mirror and give it as a gift!
  • Custom wood Plague creations!
  • Mailboxes
  • Glass Door
  • A welcome entry to your home!
  • Cut apart and put one on each window of vehicle where that member sits.
  • Notebooks and Binders
  • Hardhats and Team Helmets
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Beds Headboard
  • Refridgerator or Wall
family sticker boy waving

We have VERY Affordable Pricing of the Family Decals.

One Color Style Family Sticker Pricing:
  • 1 Stick Figure Member = $5.99
  • 2 Stick Figure Members = $9.99
  • 3 Stick Figure Members = $11.99
  • 4 Stick Figure Members = $13.99
  • 5 Stick Figure Members = $14.99
  • 6 Stick Figure Members = $15.99
  • after 6 Members only $2 each!

*Prices include any regular color.

Header text above sticker $.10 per letter.

Names below family members $.05 per letter.

READY TO CREATE Your Family Sticker?
If your not good with a computer don't worry. It's really easy.
Click here to go ahead and give it a try ...It's FUN too!

begin creating family sticker now one color beging create color family sticker


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