What are Family Stickers? Heres some info about this type of Vinyl Decal Family Sticker

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 A Little about Vinyl Stickers
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FAMILYSTICKERZ to order your custom car family sticker! Use for mugs, car windows, laptops phones tablets and more! Outdoor Durable!

About Vinyl Decals.

Niel holding a glass with a family decal on it.

Notice Niel holding clear glass with a white family decal. The decals have no background (except for the full color ones). The decals will show up even better on tinted windows, as this gives it a dark background.

Vinyl Decals are outdoor durable decals with no background. This means it would not be a good idea to buy a black decal for a tinted window as it would not show up. It would be alot better to buy a white or lighter colored decal. They are cut on a machine and come in one color of your choice. Multi-colored decals they are two single colored decals on top of each other. All vinyl decals are made for the outside. They do not go on the inside of a window. Decals are usually outdoor durable for 3 to 5 years. A decal applied to the hood of a vehicle will not last as long as a decal applied to the side of a car due to the amount of direct sunlight it will recieve.

Decals can be applied to alot of surfaces. They are great for most smooth surfaces including : the side of a car (vehicle graphics), windows, notebooks, cell phones, bedroom walls, banners, signs, plastic parts for atv's, semi trucks #'s, and lots more.




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