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Choose a Color for the names/header on your Family Sticker

"You haven't entered names or a header yet. Color will only matter if you are going to have names under the members or a header."


One click on any color below to choose that color for the names and header of your Family Sticker. The chosen color will show on the family Sticker preview above. The black background represents a tinted window. Light colors work best on glass, tinted or not.

White White
The Most POPULAR COLOR for glass, tinted windows, and dark color surfaces.
Ivory Ivory
Beige Beige
Light Yellow Light Yellow
Bright Yellow Bright Yellow
Very bright yellow.
Sunflower Yellow Sunflower Yellow
Golden Yellow Golden Yellow
Similar to sunflower yellow.
Orange Orange
Regular bright orange.
Tangerine Tangerine
A tad darker than regular orange.
Burnt Orange Burnt Orange
Also known as terra cotta or nut brown. Similar to the University of Texas Longhorns color.
Tomato Red Tomato Red
Bright Red Bright Red
Very popular.
Maroon Maroon
Tropical Pink Tropical Pink
A slightly darker pink. Also known as blossom or fuschia.
Hot Pink Hot Pink
Very bright pink.
Lilac Lilac
Very, very light colored purple
Lavender Lavender
Also known as light purple.
Purple Purple
Also known as grape.
Baby Blue Baby Blue
Olympic Blue Olympic Blue
A very vivd blue. Also known as pacific blue.
Medium Blue Medium Blue
A bright blue.
Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue
This color is popular but medium blue is brighter an will show up brighter on dark surfaces like glass.
Real Teal Real Teal
An ever so slightly lighter teal than the other teal.
Teal Teal
Just a tiny bit darker than the Real Teal.
Lime Green Lime Green
Apple Green Apple Green
Olive Green Olive Green
Green Green
Dark Green Dark Green
Mint Mint
Buckskin Buckskin
Tan beige color, or light brown.
Brown Brown
When possible go with the gold, as it looks much nicer and stands out better on glass.
Gold Gold
Popular. Has a nice reflectiive glow when the sun hits it. Looks great on tinted windows or dark surfaces. Works well with many colors.
Silver Silver
Very Popular. Has a nice reflectiive glow when the sun hits it. Looks great on tinted windows or dark surfaces. Works well with many colors.
Charcoal Grey Charcoal Grey
Black Black
Black does not show well on glass or dark surfaces. Very popular for applying to light colored surfaces.
Matte Black Matte Black
Matte black is black with no gloss. Flat Black.

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