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On this page you can... view your order status and details, view sample proofs of the graphics you've ordered, and make a payment for an order or re-order a previous order anytime.
Please enter your order number and last name as used on your order to continue. See faq below for helpful tips.


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Where can I find my order number?

When you checked out the order number was shown on the final page of our site before you were redirected to Paypal.

You can also find the 4 digit order number in the title and subject of all emails from us regarding your order. If you didn't receive an email from us we either haven't yet processed your order, or your email address was misstyped when you checked out. Contact me and let me know the name used on the order and I'll be happy to let you know your order number.



What can I do on this "my order" page?

This page shows all information regarding your order. All information is shown as we received it. Please review it if needed.

You can also use the links under the You Can section to ask a question, approve your sample proof, request a change to your sample proof, re-order the item at the locked in price, or pay extra money to us if needed.



Can I make a change to the order?

Yes, if the order has not been created or shipped. Please use the request a change, or ask a question link to do this. Changes may delay the order or cost extra so I recommend only making changes if necessary. I may need to contact you if I have a question about the requested change so order will be delayed or on hold until you respond.


Why do I need a sample proof. Can't you just send it?

Not all orders will get a sample proof. I send a sample with a few items, like family decals, and other items if I have a question that needs answering before I create the order. I like to make sure everything is correct on the order before making it. A sample proof also gives you a chance to review the order and make a few small adjustments if needed. See next questions below for allowed adjustments.
(Some changes may affect price or order shipment date.)

Many times a simple spelling error can lead to lost time down the road. It only takes a minute to take a look and you can approve it with a couple clicks. Just click on the "approve your sample" link and then send the approval message on the next page.



What Kind of changes are allowed for Family Decals?

The main reason for a sample proof is to double check spelling, and make slight size adjustments to the members if needed. Please keep change at a minimum so we can keep prices low. Please, only send us 1 email with changes, if needed.

Name and header spelling changes are allowed.

Moving the position of the members is allowed as well but you can also do this by cutting the decal apart when received. The end result is the same.

Adding members, adding additional words will add to the price and may cause a delay in processing because we may have to re-verify the change with you or await additional payment.

I can swap one member with another if you later found one you like better. Please keep this to a minimum so I can keep prices low.



Will I get another sample proof after making a change?

I will usually just make the change and start processing the order. I will only send one if I have a question or something is unclear to me about your order. To save myself time, which helps keeps prices low also, I won't update the picture on the website unless necessary.

If you need another proof you must to let me know. Please don't request multiple sample proofs and changes if possible. Going back and forth with an order takes a lot of time and makes it hard for me to keep prices low.



How long do I have to see my sample proof (if applicable)?

If your item gets a sample proof you will have up to 2 days to view it. After that, as long as there are no other questions that I have about you order, that must be answered, I will ship your order. If you think you may need a change after ordering then don't wait. Check your email and read sample proof email. A link to view your sample is included if I processed your order already. I have many customers that don't respond to emails so I'm usually caught in between a rock and a hard place...I must ship the ordered item.



Can I re-order my item?

Sure. Click on the re-order link. This will take you straight to Paypal. It never hurts to let me know you're re-ordering. You can do this by leaving a small notice in the Paypal comments box. Your price is locked in too!

If the item requires, I may send a new sample proof to make sure everything is still correct. on the lookout for new sample proof emails just incase.



How do I pay you extra funds for the added request?

Click on the link that says "Pay a different amount for additions or extra charges" and you will be redirected to another page. Skip to step 3. You will be redirected to Paypal and you can enter an amount. Pay the amount you need to pay. Please note a small comment in the comments box during checkout so I can match up the payment.



Also see the Main FAQ if your question wasn't answered here.

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